Imperial Coat- Seuss
Imperial Coat- Seuss
Imperial Coat- Seuss

Imperial Coat- Seuss

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The Imperial Coat is a statement piece. Think of the coat you'd wear during your grand entrance to a party at the Great Gatsby's mansion.

As you approach the bar, you order a top shelf whiskey on the rocks for you and a glass of champagne for your date. While he pours, you light up your Cuban cigar and turn to look at the room. There’s already curious eyes on you and your date. You tip the bartender, generously, and as you link arms and head for the nearest balcony to enjoy your spoils, Gatsby himself comes over to shake your hand, and, to get a better look at what you’re wearing.

The feeling I just described is not an overstatement.

You’ll be just as comfortable wearing this as an overcoat to a fancy dinner party as you will wearing it at your favorite festival. Caution!!! You may experience overwhelming confidence in this coat.

In sticking with tradition I will be making this coat in very limited quantities of any given fabric, fur, and lining combinations. Fabrics will vary in composition, weight, style, and texture.

On the heavier end of the spectrum, wool versions of this coat will keep you warm from head to toe. The lighter weight fabrics make this piece feel very bathrobe-esque.


• Exterior designer linen fabric from Italy reminds me of a Doctor Seuss fantasy world

• Matching satin lining

• Faux fur collar

• Long coat falling below the knee but above the ankle.

• This coat is gender neutral

• Left chest suit jacket style pocket

• Deep exterior pockets on each side

• Coat can be worn open or tied with included belt

• Large oversized sleeves


• Oversized fit is made for comfort and style





Imperial Coat- Seuss